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Professional Athletes Embrace Breast Reduction Surgery

Not all women want bigger breasts. There’s a lot that goes with having larger breasts. For athletes who were born with the abundance of large breasts, they are making the decision to reduce breast size to improve their athletic performance.Breast Surgery Reduction

It’s not about the way they look but how they preform. This is what led to many professional athletes reducing the size of their breasts. When you have to deal with positioning your bra or readjusting your breast every few minutes it takes away from performance.

How Large Breast Interfere With Athletics

For softball players, tennis players, boxers and other women who really rely on movement from their upper bodies, large breast can interfere by simply getting in the way. They can cause limited range of motion because arms need to extend over them.

Not only do boobs get in the way, they also can cause back pain. Movements such as running for a prolonged period of time can also cause them to become tender and sore. Many athletes such as professional tennis players say that big breasts hurt their reaction time.

Athletes need and want to be able to play at the top of their game. Some of them feel that reducing the size of their breasts will help them gain a better performance. For runners, inadequate support from sports bras creates an uncomfortable distraction. It’s harder to run when you have larger breasts because of the bounce and friction.

How Breast Reduction Improves Performance

With smaller breasts, arm movement is improved. The fluidity and motion is not interrupted by a protruding breast. Sports bras are able to give more support and movement is no longer uncomfortable. However, in some cases this won’t cut it, and breast augmentation or reduction surgery is required.

For athletes such as, Simona Halep, the surgery really paid off. She was able to advance her ranking in the sport of tennis right after she received her breast reduction surgery.

What Breast Reduction Surgery Cures Breast Augmentation San Francisco Bay Area

Sometimes women seek out this surgery not only to improve their game, but for medical reasons. Back and neck pain is often a result of larger breasts. Rashes can also develop from moisture accumulations underneath the breasts. Bras are uncomfortable from the straps digging in to the shoulders. This can make performance uncomfortable and stunt progress.

Having this surgery not only heals physical disturbances, it also heals mental ones. Many athletes perform better because of their new found confidence. Mentally they feel better and this positivity translates into how they play.

Athletes and a Negative Attitude Towards Breasts

It is now known that large breasts in the athletic world are not favored. MMA fighter Ronda Rousey stated on ESPN, “You don’t see big titties in the Olympics, and I think that’s for a reason”. While some athletes are okay with having larger breasts and don’t feel they interfere with their performance, most do. Young gymnasts are starving themselves just so they can prevent growing them. Men are even weighing in on the topic. Golf analyst Ben Wright stated that women are handicapped by having large boobs. The attitude is overall negative towards large breasts and athletics.

More Young Women Seeking Breast Augmentation

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there has been an increase in the number of young women who are seeking breast augmentation. In 2013, over 3,300 women who are below 19 years old underwent breast augmentation surgery. That was a 64% rise in the last 10 years.

For some women, breast augmentation is the most effective solution for them to improve their shape. Young women with small breasts tend to be more self conscious about their looks. They worry that they may not look feminine enough. This procedure allows them to increase their breast size to suit their preferences.

Breast augmentation does more than improve a young woman’s body, it boosts their self esteem. Young women realize that eating healthy, working out, taking good care of themselves only changes certain parts of their body.

Several New Options for Breast Augmentation Surgery

There are various options for breast augmentation surgery available for women now more than ever, allowing them to attain larger and more natural looking breasts. Implants have also changed over the years and surgical techniques have advanced, giving young women better opportunities to improve their bodies.

Young Breast AugmentationMost of the young women who are seeking this procedure are between 18 and 28 years old. One of the main concerns about this development is that some of the women are not aware of the risk posed by this surgery.

According to Dr. William Adams, a plastic surgeon based in Dallas, the young women need to understand that breast augmentation is not a one-time procedure.

He adds that these women still have many more years ahead of them and they may have to replace one or both of their implants over the years or undergo other surgical procedures. This makes it necessary for them to understand potential complications and risks before they have the surgery. Adams also argues that every young woman who wants to go through breast augmentation needs to be screened carefully.

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